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Updated: 10-Jul-2015 @ 12:45:00  
Temperature Current Conditions Forecast
Currently Outside: Warmer 4.9°C than last hour.


Feels like:  21°C
24 hour difference: 8.6°CWarmer 8.6°C than yesterday at this time.
High Today
at 12:41
Low Today
at 04:45
High Yesterday
at 17:08
Low Yesterday
at 04:45
High This Day
in 2010
Low This Day
in 2011
Records from this station since 2009
Currently: 21.3C, Max: 21.3C, Min: 10.8C Sunny, Dry It is Sunny, Dry
Wind from SW Wind:  SW

Gusting to:
5 mph
Current Rain Rain:
0.0 mm

WU forecast:
Local station forecast: Partly cloudy with little temp. change.
Average Temperatures
Dew Point Liquid Precipitation Wind Sun/Moon
Dew Point: Increased 19.6°C since last hour. 15.2°C
In Last Hour: +4.4°C
High Dew Point:
15.2°C at 12:41
Low Dew Point:
8.3°C at 00:54
Wetbulb: 17.7°C
Today: 0.0 mm
Yesterday: 0.0 mm
Last 7 Days: 18.0 mm
July Rain: Under 20.6 mm for the month 19.0 mm
July Average: 39.6 mm
MTD Differential: -7.0 mm
Rain Season:1 255.4 mm
YTD Differential: + 125.8 mm

Last Rain: 08/07/2015 at 17:18
5 rain days in July
1 day since last rain
93 rain days in 2015
10min Aver: 3.9 mph
1hr Average: 3.3 mph
12 mph at 09:21
15.0 mph at 17:30
This Month:
28 mph on day 7
This Year:
49 mph on 10/1
Wind Run: 9.20 miles
Possible hours of Daylight
16:38 Hours
Waning Gibbous, 19 days, 1 hours, 59 minutes in cycle
- 75% Illuminated
Humidity Barometer
Humidity: Decreased 1% since last hour. 68 %
In Last Hour: -1%
High Today:
87% at 03:02
Low Today:
66% at 11:05
High Yesterday:
96% at 05:55
Low Yesterday:
53% at 15:07
Current: Falling 2  mb/hr 1018.0 mb
In Last Hour: Falling rapidly
High Today:
1022.0 mb at 00:03
Low Today:
1018.0 mb at 12:41
High Yest:
1022.5 mb at 15:34
Low Yest:
1016.8 mb at 00:00
Heating Degree Days Snow 3 Wind Chill Air Density
Today: 2.6
July: 23.7
2015 to Date: 1961.8
Cooling Degree Days
2015 to Date: 8.7
Today: 0.0 cm
Yesterday: 0.0 cm
July: Under 0.7 cm for the month 0.0 cm
July Average: 0.7 cm
Diff from Average: -0.7 cm
Season Total:2 0.0 cm
Snow Depth: 0.0 cm
0 snow day in July
0 snow day this season.2
First Snow of Season: 1/7/2015 4
Average 1st Snow: 01 of December
Current: 21.3°C
Today: 10.8°C  at 04:45
Yesterday: 7.2°C
This Month:
7.2°C on 09-Jul
This Year:
-5.4°C on 23-Jan

1.197 kg/m3
Current UV Index Current Solar Energy Fire Risk
Sunburn in
18 Minutes
at 12:41
88 %
at 12:41
Chandler Burning Index: LOW
5.1 at 12:45
Almanac Irrigation Index5 Station All Time Records Cloud Level
Currently: Afternoon
Sunrise: 04:51
Sunset: 21:29
Moonrise: 01:12
Moonset: 15:30
Full Moon: 02/07/2015 03:20
New Moon: 16/07/2015 02:25
Updated at Midnight
Current ET: 2.9 mm   
7-Days Rain: 18.0 mm   
7-Days ET: 26.6 mm   
7-Day Difference: -8.6 mm 8.6 mm water in deficit of what evaporated in last 7 days.
July Rainfall: 19 mm 19 mm water in excess of what evaporated this month.
Soil Moisture Deficit: +272.0 mm   
Daytime Records
Nightime Records
1 Rain season: Jan 1st to Dec 31st.    2 Snow season July 1st to June 30th.    3 Snow manually measured usually around 7AM and 7PM.    4 If no snow recorded this season, the start date of the season is displayed.    5 Estimated amount of water needed to replace the water used by plants and evaporation from the past week. (Negative numbers mean amount of water needed, positive numbers mean excess water is present.) 6 Air Quality Index is not available for the United Kingdom.
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WU forecast:
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